Cincinnati Magazine’s Top 10 List (+ Bonus Lists)

It’s that time of year again: Cincinnati Magazine’s top ten list has been released.  It’s always something that causes some debate– strangely, people feel quite strongly about restaurants around here (yes, that was sarcasm)– and this year, they’re not limiting it to just ten.  Donna Covrett and team have added an additional “Top 4 New Restaurants” as well as the top ten lists of 14 “Notable Cincinnatians” (4 included in the print version, the rest online: read Mo Egger’s, as his is hilarious).  I’m looking forward to reading them (and I’ll link to them in this post once they’re live).   For reference, here are the past few years‘ lists.

Top 10…

1. Orchids at Palm Court (Downtown)

2. Jean-Robert’s Table (Downtown)

3. The Palace (Downtown)

4. Bouquet (Covington)

5. Nicola’s (Over-the-Rhine)

6. Cumin (Hyde Park)

7. Senate (Over-the-Rhine)

8. Hugo (Oakley)

9. Boca (Oakley)

10. Sichuan Bistro (Mason)

Best New:

Abigail Street (Over-the-Rhine)

Enoteca Emilia (O’Bryonville)

A Tavola (Over-the-Rhine)

Taste of Belgium (Over-the-Rhine)

Some commentary:  Dropped off from last year’s list are Nectar, Daveed’s, Via Vite and and Honey.  Over-the-Rhine is really becoming quite the dining mecca (lucky me!) and that is reflected in both the “best new list” and with two spots on the top 10.  I’m really glad to see Sichuan Bistro, representing the vibrant non-European food scene in Cincinnati as well.  I also like to see the variety of price points– you could spend $300 on dinner for two on this list, or $25, which is representative of the city as well.

The issue hits newsstands on March 1, and the online exclusive material will be available then as well.

What’s on your Top 10?