News Roundup: Mama’s, Roxy’s and Dusmesh

A few tidbits of news, brought to you by this view:


I’m in San Francisco for work and this is my office view right now.  I love Cincinnati, but man, that view.

Shanghai Mama’s will reopen on February 1, adding another option back to Cincinnati’s late-night dining scene.  They’ll have a new menu and a new look, as they had to gut the place entirely after their fire last year.

Roxy’s has shut their doors and posted a sign that they’re moving to Over-the-Rhine.  No exact address, no date of move, and really can’t quite figure out where they’re going, as I’ve contacted management and haven’t even gotten an answering machine.

Dusmesh is aiming to open a second location in Norwood– no time frame as of yet.

7 thoughts on “News Roundup: Mama’s, Roxy’s and Dusmesh”

  • Roxy’s is a joke and has terrible management.  I know several people who refuse to go there anymore.    They over charged my friends credit card once and wouldn’t adjust it.  He even brought them back the receipt to prove it.  Poor Poor Management and a dirty bar….

  • With all the new development in OTR, there’s still plenty of vacant buildings that just need some love. Great news about Roxy’s moving, hopefully they will find the right place!

  • I actually have enjoyed the food at Roxy’s (brunch on Sundays), but agree that it seemed to be terribly managed. Hopefully it will be rejuvenated in OTR.

    Great news on Shanghai Mama’s! I was missing it as a late-night option.

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