Mini-Review: Trio

PhotoI used to go to Trio all the time.  It was a favorite of my former in-laws’, and we celebrated many birthdays there in the early years of the Aughts.  I swear, during that time their menu rarely changed, and once I no longer had to go there, I didn’t.  In fact, I’ve been ignoring them for about five years now, but recently, my mind was changed.

Thank you, Trio, for not staying comfortable with your menu that your clientele obviously liked, and expanding a bit.  You’ve won me back.

The first time I revisited Trio, we joined friends for dessert one night.  I had remembered them having good Key Lime pie, and didn’t object.  I’m glad I didn’t.  The five of us had their chocolate flourless torte, banana cream pie and Key Lime pie and all three were fantastic:  the banana cream pie was not-too-sweet (so many are so sweet that your teeth hurt) and a generous portion.  The Key Lime pie had three inches of meringue and a tart, balanced filling.  The flourless torte was dense with good chocolate and complemented by raspberry sauce.  All were simple but excellent, so when my coworker invited me to a holiday lunch there, I didn’t balk as I may have a few weeks before.

I just adored the dish I got– diver scallops with brussels sprout and hot bacon slaw and  Maker’s Mark butter.  The butter was faintly scented with bourbon, and the brussels sprout slaw was addictive.  The scallops were perfectly cooked– a great presentation.  My coworkers enjoyed their dishes too– one raved about his Grouper “California Style” (which looked really good) and the other loved her Cobb salad.

I’ve learned my lesson: Trio’s a great option when in Kenwood and they’re certainly trying to attract new customers with their menu.  I’ll go back (even if only for the scallops and banana cream pie).

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