Contest: Lady in Red 2011 & Stone Creek

red lipsWhoever washes the napkins at restaurants must hate me.

I am a card-carrying member of the Red Lipstick club (which I learned about from one of my readers, who introduced herself and her friend to me at Japp’s and was super impressed that I was wearing red lipstick). I’ve been wearing it for as long as I can remember– from my days selling cosmetics through last night. I don’t always wear it, and when I look at photographs of myself without it, it feels like something is missing.  Red lipstick never fails to garner compliments, and it always puts me in a better mood. It can be a little tricky to find the right red for you, but when you do, just a little will brighten up your whole face. Bonus? If you get the right formula– usually matte, none of those “smudgeproof” ones– they resist coming off while eating or drinking.

That is, until you wipe your lips with a napkin.

So, apologies both to the men reading this and to the folks who discover the telltale signs that I’ve been somewhere via my napkin, but I’m going to be encouraging more readers to become members of the Red Lipstick Club.

Tonight, Amy Scalia from Cincy Chic, a few other bloggers and I will learn a little more about red lipstick from my friend Nancy at FACEing/brideFACE, and you can get in on the fun. “Go Red” on Facebook by posting a pic of yourself wearing your best red lip to the Cincy Chic wall. You’ll be entered to win TWICE if you make that photo your profile pic! One participant will be selected to win two swagbag tickets (which are sold-out, so this is the only way people can still get these tickets!) Feb. 3 Lady in Red event  – a $50 gift certificate to Stone Creek, and a personalized FACEing makeup class gift certificate. (Photo must be posted by 5pm EST Feb. 2 to the Cincy Chic wall, and profile photo must remain participant’s featured profile picture until 5pm EST Feb. 2).