Brew River Gastropub to open in the old Maribelle’s Space

Several readers have let me know that there’s a sign up in the old Maribelle’s space in the East End (they are moving to Oakley with an opening date of Spring 2011) that says “Brew River Gastropub Opening Soon”. I’ve been poking around and that’s all of the information I have– any information, intrepid readers?

Edit: thanks to an intrepid reader, we have a bit more information. Brew River considers itself the first independent brew pub in Cincinnati.  They are planning to brew craft beer and serve food that is farm-to-table.  They’ll be playing up the historic building they occupy in the East End.  I’m still looking for contact information, but this sounds like a really exciting venture, and good company for Eli’s Barbecue which will be nearby.  Will the East End be the next dining destination for Cincinnati?  Sounds like a good idea to me.