Haven’t bought a turkey yet?

I posted this last year, and I figure that someone out there still needs a turkey, but doesn’t want a Butterball (for a variety of reasons).  This year, we ordered ahead from Cedar Lane Farms and have two, eight-pound turkeys hanging in the fridge.  Here are a few places that you can get fresh, local turkeys.

Tewes Farm : $2.25/lb, not heritage breed but local.

Stehlin’s Meat Market, a Colerain staple, has 17-18 pound fresh turkeys available for $2.39 a pound.

Bowman-Landes, near Dayton, has free-range turkeys in the 15-18 pound range still available for $2.79 a pound.  No online orders– you’ll have to call ahead.  937-845-9466

Luken’s Fish, Poultry and Seafood, in Findlay Market, has fresh turkeys for $1.59 a pound (though I’m not sure where they get them).  I’ve bought poultry from them many times before and have always found their product to be good. (Thanks to commenter Rick for the tip!)

And a chain store, which has some local offerings:

Thanksgiving TurkeyWhole Foods (in Hyde Park and Mason) has free range turkeys for $2.49 a pound and organic for $3.99 a pound.  Some of these are local.

Green Acres, which often has turkeys, currently has a long waiting list.  Give them a call if you want to get on it, but at this point they cannot guarantee you a turkey (I called and asked).

Anyone else have tips on great places to get a last-minute turkey?