Cocktail Hour: Fragoli Liqueur

fragoliI often joke that the “booze fairy” occasionally visits my door, bearing samples for me to try.  I’m very behind in reviewing samples (and I’ve decided just to keep the reviews here, tagged “booze me, schmooze me” as it’s easier!).  This one has been staring at me for a while, so I thought I’d try it.

Fragoli liqueur is made from wild strawberries– in fact, they’re actually floating in the liqueur.  Each pour seems to contain a couple of these tiny, juicy, liqueur-soaked berries.  It’s like a special present in each cocktail, and fun– particularly for a brunch drink.  It came with a bottle of Passionne di Fiore prosecco– a fruity, not-too-sweet sparkler– so I figured I’d pair them together.  About an ounce of Fragoli in a champagne flute and topped with the prosecco is a delish, refreshing tipple.  I’m planning on playing with Fragoli for a Strawberry margarita, and maybe a few other things.  It’s too sweet with too harsh an alcoholic nose to sip on its own, but it’s a fun mixer.  You can buy Fragoli on their website.

(The samples of Fragoli and Passionne were provided by Fragoli.)