Summer Genetti moves to Honey

Summer Genetti, a local favorite pastry chef who, for the past two and a half years, has worked along Jose Salazar at the Cincinnatian, has moved to Honey in Northside.  I heard she had moved on several months ago, and recently found out that she’d moved to Honey, but she made her first public appearance representing honey at Eat.Play.Give’s brunch on Sunday (featuring pumpkin donut holes with blackberry preserves).   So, if you miss Genetti’s desserts, you can now find them at Honey.

8 thoughts on “Summer Genetti moves to Honey”

  • That’s very dissapointing news, I think that Honey is a real step down in Summer’s career. Is it just me, or does anyone else find that all of the dishes at honey come off as being rather sweet? Their chef must have a major sweet tooth, even their entrees have a palpable sweet taste to me. 

  • I disagree with captain – Honey’s food has always been delightful to me.  I have always found the menu to be more savory than sweet.

  • Hey, didn’t I hear her on NPR’s Marketplace Money a couple months ago? I distinctly remember a caller named Summer from Cincinnati who was a pastry chef. (Also, I love Honey and wish her the best there).

  • I was just at the Cricket Lounge last week and her name is still on their menu.  Now I feel a little tricked for ordering dessert.

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