Fire at Shanghai Mama’s

WCPO is reporting that Shanghai Mama’s, one of the few late-night options in downtown Cincinnati, caught on fire last night and it caused “significant damage”. I’ll update the story as I hear more information– particularly about plans for reopening.

8 thoughts on “Fire at Shanghai Mama’s”

  • Sorry to hear this yet I have to admit I have never had a good meal there.  I know I’m in the minority but I’m constantly amazed at the rave reviews the place receives.  I would like to declare we need more fast food downtown for lunch, like a Taco Bell.  Not everyone can afford the pricier options with any regularity.

    • I think the last thing downtow needs is more fast food like Taco Bell Mozart. Places like Taco Bell are ridiculously unhealthy, and provide exponentially less local economic benefit since a large portion of the profits go back to headquarters (outside of Cincinnati). Clearly the demand for fast food isn’t that great considering many of the chains in Tower Place Food Court come and go (Chick-A-Fila just closed for example). Places like Gilpin’s Bagels, Lunch on Main, Tom+Chee, etc. are great options for a quick meal downtown. If your in that big of a rush call in your order. On a side note I find it crazy that anyone considers Shanghai Mama’s expensive. I always have enjoyed their food and though that it was very reasonably priced.

  • NOOOOOOOO! This is terrible; I hope everyone’s okay and they can jump back in no time. Mama’s is by far one of my favorite late-night spots downtown.

    WA Mozart, if you’ve never had their Crab Rangoon or their Flat Breads, you’ve missed out sorely. And you are not serious about Mama’s being a “pricier option,” right?

    • You’re right, Leigh.  I mixed my “complaints” together.  They aren’t necessarily pricey but, as I said, I have never had a good meal there. 

      As far as my cheap comment, I still contend we need more options.  When I say cheap I mean a lunch for two or three bucks.

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