Review: Queen City Cookies’ Schnecken

I’m Julie, and I’m a schneck-a-holic.

Buttery, warm, cinnamony slices of baked goodness? Sign me up. I’ve tried most every kind of schnecken in town:  Servatii and Busken (both are very moist, but taste pretty processed), Graeter’s (better!), Virgil’s (the most homemade tasting of the bunch) and now Queen City Cookies’ version.

If you’re not familiar, QCC makes those gorgeous sugar cookies with edible art on top.  They’ve expanded a little bit, opening a store in Findlay Market and are now creating savory shortbread cookies, blueberry-maple shortbread cookies, and schnecken.

QCC uses high quality ingredients– I chatted briefly with the owner, Peggy Shannon, yesterday.  Shannon isn’t a Cincinnati native, and has never tried any other schnecken but her own, but she manages to hit the Schnecken mark. She uses  no preservatives, but does use high-quality European-style Plugra butter– “There’s not much of a cost difference, but the taste difference is huge.  Only two other bakers in town use it– the Hilton and the Cincinnatian.”You can tell from every bite that there’s a lot of good-quality butter in there.  When The Better Half took his first bite, he said, “Wow. That’s buttery.”  Don’t forget sugary and moist ll things that Schnecken should be.

Queen City Cookies Schnecken

Schnecken is available at their store on the weekends– and they’re looking at doing a few new flavors.  I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but they sound really amazing and you should see them available soon.  Each schnecken is packaged for gift giving in a pretty blue box with an inspirational saying tucked in the wax paper.  It’s a great presentation, and a great gift (if you can manage to give it to someone else and not eat it yourself).

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