Review: Blue Oven Bakery

The Better Half can’t let a Saturday morning go by without a waffle from Taste of Belgium, so he’ll often trek out long before I get up (I like to sleep in, what can I say?) to grab a waffle and some produce from Findlay Market. One day, he came home and asked, “Do you know what’s up with the huge line for bread at Findlay?” Sleepily, I answered, “Oh, that’s Blue Oven. It’s pretty awesome.”

Blue Oven Bakery has some of the best bread in the city. They supply it to several restaurants (A Tavola and Wildflower Cafe, to name a few) and also sell their bread at several farmer’s markets, including Findlay Market. There is always a line. To illustrate:

7:45 AM

8:00 AM

8:30 AM

See? Get there early. Even the pig wants in on the action. They sell out often– and quickly– for good reason. We’ve tried several of their breads that are life-changing.

First, the baguette. The baguette is good– some heft, chewy crust, soft inside. It doesn’t go hard nearly as quickly as a baguette in France (for many reasons), which is handy since it’s more difficult to get a baguette daily (we bought one on Saturday and will probably eat it for dinner tonight after a bit of toasting).

Apricot, Cranberry and Walnut Bread: I called this one “life changing” on Twitter. Big chunks of apricot, dotted with cranberries and a few walnuts, it’s heavy and crusty and amazingly good with just a bit of butter.

PhotoChocolate Cherry Bread: Life changing? Nah. Let’s try world-changing. Bitter, dark chocolate and tart cherries combine to make an amazing experience. I could see this paired with port for dessert, or in a killer bread pudding or even french toast. It’s absolutely addictive. I think I could get into a fight over this, it’s that good.

I’ve tried the Froccacia (Blue Oven is owned by the Frommeyers, get it?) on a sandwich at Park + Vine and their sourdough English Muffins are the new bread for the burgers at Wildflower Cafe. Head to their website to find out where they’re selling their awesome bread, and get in line early so you can get your favorite.