No Food on Fountain Square?

Polly Campbell is reporting that food will be removed from Fountain Square starting at the end of September (this was originally reported over at Eggplant to Go). Personally, I love the vibrancy that having food and beverage vendor on the square lends to the square (remember how awesome the Square was pre-renovation and pre food vendors? Yeah. Me either).  If the reasoning is purely aesthetic, change the stand design (admittedly, it could use some sprucing up), don’t completely get rid of the vendors.  That’s cutting off your nose to spite your face. I’m currently in Columbus on a food tour and they have some amazing street food, so this comes as especially depressing news.

Do you want 3CDC to allow food vendors? Tweet about it with the hashtag #profoodstand (started by Urban Cincy) or simply contact 3CDC on their website: