Review: Skyline in Your Desk

PhotoThe folks at Skyline sent me an interesting proposal: “Will you try our shelf-stable Skyline chili?”

I was dubious. “We know,” they said. “But it really tastes the same.”

As someone who eats more meals than she would like to admit at her desk, and whose dining options can be limited if there is limited time and I haven’t thought ahead to pack, this intrigued me. I was concerned: how would it taste? Is it laden with preservatives and other weird things?

I arrived home on Friday to a box of chili and chili spaghetti from the folks at Skyline (and a coupon for cheese, which I haven’t cashed in). After a stressful weekend, I didn’t feel like cooking last night, so I tossed one of the chilis in my bag.

It’s actually pretty good. There are no preservatives (but a LOT of salt– twice the sodium of the stuff you’d get in the restaurant), and it’s a little messy as the container wasn’t designed for stirring (so pack extra napkins). I haven’t tried the chili and spaghetti yet (I’ll leave that for The Better Half), but it’s a great option for chili fiends to keep in their desk for emergencies.