I’m back. Miss me?

Back from a week in Vegas. I ended up not eating a whole lot, but I did have two great meals. Here’s my favorite. Holstein serves burgers and shakes. Like, the best burgers and shakes I’ve ever had. Okay, best burger– I didn’t have a shake. I hadn’t had a whole lot to eat by Thursday, and I was craving red meat. A coworker and I grabbed lunch there and totally decimated our burgers. We were hungry and they were delicious, and there were some somewhat inappropriate moaning sounds coming from our table (all burger-related, I assure you). I ended up with a Korean “Bull”gogi, with kalbi glaze, chili mayo, and kimchi slaw and a side of salty, not-too-thin shoestring fries. Everything from the bun to the mayonnaise is crafted in-house, and the burger was cooked perfectly medium rare.  I really, really want to go back.

DOCG, also in The Cosmpolitan, was a nice (but not too nice) Italian restaurant, named for the governing authority that regulates authentic Italian food products.  Four of us went, and we enjoyed cured meats, warm olives, prosciutto and melon, chicken, and a duck and truffle pasta as well as some great craft cocktails (though it’s known as a wine bar).

We also had good experiences at the Vesper Bar (a favorite), Haze and Chateau, and I highly recommend karaoke in Chinatown (did you know there’s a Chinatown in Vegas?).

I may finally like Vegas just a little bit.

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