Via Vite and Nicola’s Expand Neighborhood Special

DSC_0257Nicola’s neighborhood special is legendary: $17 for their bolognese and a salad at the bar. It’s become so popular that they’ve expanded it to Via Vite. They’ll be doing their penne bolognese at lunch for $7, so folks who might not live downtown can still take advantage of the special. It’ll start Monday, July 18th.

5 thoughts on “Via Vite and Nicola’s Expand Neighborhood Special”

  • Their bolognese is fantastic.  It’s one of a few things that almost make me reconsider my primarily pescetarian ways…and then I remember that poultry and red meat make me ungodly levels of sick after almost 13 years of only tastes to try new things.

  • Tried to email you, but for some reason I couldn’t. I was driving up Beechmont Ave. the other day in Mt. Washington and on the right (near the La Rosa’s) was a small Peruvian restaurant called “Tumi.” Do  you know anything about it?

  • Do you know if either restaurant offers a meatless option of this deal (aka an alternate sauce besides bolognese)?

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