Taz Converts to Mobile Food Truck

Taz, MasonTaz, the Symmes Township Mediterranean restaurant, is switching from a bricks-and-mortar restaurant to a food truck. They’ll be open for the next two weeks in their current location (just off the Mason-Montgomery exit, near Pizza Tower) for the next two weeks, then mobile from then on. No word on where their beat will be but as soon as I hear, I’ll let you know!

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  • Hello! Occasionally, I read that food trucks are popping up all over, but I only know of two (now three): Taco Azul, Cafe de Wheels and now Taz. What are the other food trucks and where are they? Is Turophilia considered a “food truck” even though it is permanently situated in a parking lot on Vine Street? Is it true that the mobile trucks cannot serve food after midnight?

    • Taco Azul, Cafe de Wheels, New Orleans to Go, Turophilia (though it’s stationary), Mr. Hanton’s, Fireside Pizza Truck.. just to name a few.  Here’s a full list. http://cincinnati.metromix.com/restaurants/article/find-a-food-truck/2581123/content

      The laws are conflicting: the specific food truck ordinance says yes, but a law about peddling that is interpreted by some to cover food trucks says no.  It’s a huge controversy that you can read more about here.  http://winemedinemecincinnati.com/2011/06/food-trucks-face-new-regulations-enforcement-of-old-ordinances/

  • Don’t forget about Bones’s Burgers.  Grass fed beef and fresh cut fries among others.  Good stuff.  He’s usually at the old College Football Hall of Fame next to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason.

  • We tried to get dinner from their location tonight and it is locked up tight and apparently deserted.  So, that two week transition period is clearly only an unfounded rumor…  We are ADDICTED to TAZ hummus, and will be watching to see where they end up.

  • I love that place….I am glad that I got to go there last week before they will be converting to a food truck…maybe we can talk them into coming to somewhere in Blue Ash for lunch!

  • Yeah my friends just tried to go Tuesday night and we were supposed to hit them up for dinner, but they are closed.  I just called them and that’s how I heard about the switch to a food truck

  • Does anyone know how they are handling their current LivingSocial deal?  My co-workers and I bought these, with the knowledge that the restaurant was located right down the street…  But now, who knows whether the truck will be around here – seems doubtful, given that most of them still seem to spend most of their time around the downtown and Hyde Park / Oakley areas.I know LivingSocial will give a refund if the place goes out of business, but technically Taz still exists…  Any thoughts?

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