Sausage Fest Find: Busken’s Goetta Donuts

PhotoSausage Fest may be the most unfortunately named festival in Cincinnati, and this is saying something considering that we’re the city that makes newbies tilt their head a bit when you ask them if they want to go for a three-way after playing Cornhole in your back yard.

And people say we’re conservative and repressed!

After walking around Sausage Fest, wondering why they were charging the same amount for a “souvenir mug” of Bud Light as they were of Moerlein’s OTR and passing by some fairly boring sausage preparations, we ended up at Busken’s booth, where they were having a little bit more fun with the idea of sausage (and pork in general), featuring a Maple Bacon donut and goetta donuts. We didn’t try the maple bacon– just one of their maple donuts with bacon on it– but we did try the goetta donuts (or as they called them, “goetta goobers”.

There wasn’t a whole lot of goetta flavor– it was subtle– but the texture of the freshly-fried donuts and slight savory note was really nice. Will they be attending other festivals with these gems? I think they’d be nice at Goettafest or at Oktoberfest.

10 thoughts on “Sausage Fest Find: Busken’s Goetta Donuts”

  • I live right around the corner from there and walked by every place looking for anything halfway decent.  All of the sausages were the precooked, flavorless things that when you take a bite you can’t tell if it is a brat, hot dog or mett.  I went for one of the places in covington and they had a sausage like this too.  The redeeming part was their geotta balls.  I am not a huge fan of geotta since I didn’t grow up here, but I think I have given geotta the benefit of the doubt in having it in over 25 different places/forms.  

    • Last chance, go to Eckerlin, buy their pepper goetta sliced thin, no more than 3/8 inch, heat fry pan on medium, fry for about 9 minutes, don’t muck with it or it will break up, fry flip 9 more.

  • Took a stroll through there Saturday afternoon and was exceptionally disappointed with the food fare.  I was with my parents who love Italian Sausage and only one place had “Italian Sausage.”   It wasn’t Italian Sausage.  Granted we have our German heritage but for a sausage fest you should serve more varieties of sausage.  We ended up walking up and down and leaving without buying any food.  Very disappointing.

    • Yeah, the only thing that even caught my eye was the busken booth.  Did talk with the folks with Wardway about a grill– they are super helpful. But the sausage was a bust.

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