Review: Nada, Brunch

Nada brunchIt’s amazing how one meal can change your opinion of a place.  I’ve always been kind of “meh” on Nada– their guacamole is excellent, drinks are fresh, but things like tacos– well, I’d rather go to La Mexicana and not have to wait for a table.

However, brunch at Nada is a splendid thing.  The crowds have died down a bit, but they have some excellent choices you just won’t find anywhere else.  Just make sure that you go a bit after 11, so you can take advantage of their bar and their brunch drinks that go beyond the mimosa.  The Better Half got a bloody Maria that was spicy, and a little more fun with tequila (thus making it a Maria instead of a Mary).  I am currently addicted to Velvet Falernum, and saw that they had a drink that featured it– “Velvet Underground” which is a mix of Herradura Silver Tequila, passionfruit puree, Velvet Falernum and lime.  Falernum is an alcoholic syrup used in flavoring a lot of Tiki-style drinks, and includes flavors like almond, ginger, clove, lime, vanilla and allspice. In other words: it kicks the mimosa’s butt.

I am contractually obligated to order guacamole whenever I walk into Nada, and this was no exception.  I love how bright and flavorful their guacamole is, with a lot of citrus tang.  It’s a favorite.

Nada brunchNow, to pick out entrees.  Somewhat accidentally, we ended up picking from both the sweet and the savory portion of the menu.  I had to go with huevos rancheros: tortillas, chorizo, crema, salsa– fantastic.  It’s served sizzling at your table, and is just the right portion.  The flavors are very bright and distinct– “bright” is a great way to describe most of the flavors at Nada. They’re never muddy or overly rich– you can taste the ingredients.

Nada brunchThe Better Half got the sweet side of the menu– French toast. Bananas Foster French toast, which you’d assume would be rich and sweet– and you’re right– but it’s not nearly as sweet as you’d think.  It’s simple: bread, bananas, caramel, syrup, and whipped cream, topped with some candied nuts.  It’s not overpoweringly sweet, but just sweet enough.  It is, however, rich– you’ll probably leave some on your plate.

The crowd for brunch is more diverse than the evening crowd.  We saw several families, lots of couples, and the age range was much wider.  It’s a comfortable, relaxed setting as opposed to the see-and-be-seen nature of its evening service.  I’ll definitely be back for brunch and this might just make me go back for dinner as well.

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