Scaffolding at Jean-Robert’s Table

I keep driving and walking by Jean-Robert’s Table on Vine Street, and each day the scene gets a bit more complicated: one day, scaffolding. The next, plywood. Some tarps covering said scaffolding and plywood.  For a bit, it looked like there was some expansion going on.  Then, a sign: Artworks.

From what I’ve heard (from folks close to the restaurant) is that Artworks is doing a mural involving a portrait of Jean-Robert “symbols of French cuisine with a Cincinnati twist” (according to a source who saw the plans) on the side of the building. Very cool!  I had wondered why there was little to no signage for Jean-Robert’s Table– if you have  gigantic mural on the side of your building, I guess you don’t really need a sign, do you?

Artworks (in case you’re not familiar) is a fantastic project that involves high school artists from the community, professional artists, and buildings. For good examples, check out the Jim Tarbell mural on Vine and Central, the windows on Walnut and Central, City Cellars on Race or at the former Keller’s IGA in Clifton.  You can see all of the locations on their website. It’s such a great program– beautifying the city, employing artists, and helping kids with dreams of art to realize them in a practical, beautiful way.   I can’t wait to see the final product.