Review: Sweet Peace Bakery

sweet peace bakeryIn my house, growing up, there was always a box of Oatmeal Cream Pies from Little Debbie in the pantry.  I think my mom may still keep them there.  The creamy filling sandwiched by soft, slightly spicy cookie is still a favorite, though I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve had one.  I don’t like how processed they are, and I don’t even want to think about what is in that cream filling.  Same with Oreos (double stuf growing up) — I know they’re still a fixture at my mom’s house.  But again, I don’t want to eat them.

And that’s why we have Sweet Peace Bakery, a vegan bakery based in Northside, which sells at the City Flea, Park + Vine, Coffee Emporium, and other locations around town.  They take your childhood favorites and veganize them.  Okay, meat eaters– I know. “Veganize?” you ask.  “What the heck?”  You know I’m not a vegan, but these are some pretty awesome products.

Take the voreo: two soft, chocolate cookies with vanilla frosting in the center.  They’re not crisp like an oreo, but the flavor is even better.  The ingredients are all pronounceable and clearly labeled on the package.   Or my beloved oatmeal cream pie, re-imagined as an oatmeal dream pie: two soft oatmeal cookies with vanilla frosting in the center.  Or my very favorite, the Betterfinger, which has the flavor of a Butterfinger (down to the crunch!) but without weird ingredients.

If I want weird ingredients, I want them just to be “foreign to my cuisine” not “created by a chemist in a lab to approximate “flavor” and “texture” and preserve it until 2040″.

I digress.

They’re really, really good.  They’re not exactly the same as what you had as a kid, but don’t let “vegan” put you off.  They’re straight-up delicious, even for carnivores.  The Better Half agrees, as he now seeks them out on a regular basis, particularly when we wander into Park + Vine.  “Do they have those delicious oatmeal pies?”   He didn’t know they were vegan until he was halfway through his first one.

Sort of like my vegetarian enchiladas.

I digress.

Go and get your Sweet Peace products this weekend at Second Sunday on Main, or regularly at Park + Vine, Picnic + Pantry, Coffee Emporium, Sidewinder, Melt and Taza or place an order directly by calling 513-520-9453.

And save me an oatmeal dream pie.