Bits and Bites: Japp’s, A Tavola

PhotoI popped by Japp’s media opening last night for a couple of drinks. It’s a beautiful space– lots of dark wood, original fixtures from Japp’s when it was a hair and wig store, and new flooring that looks like it’s been there for years. Molly Wellman’s done a great job with the bar, focusing on making her own homemade syrups, including homemade cola syrup (which will definitely be the next syrup I try to make myself). I got there early, before it got too crowded, and the service was friendly and social. My first drink was a Scofflaw, and the bartender, Scary (yes, that’s his name), told me about the history: there was a contest held during Prohibition to name people who still drank. The winner? Scofflaw. So Harry Craddock from Harry’s Bar in Paris (a founding father of cocktails), of course, named a drink after it. I also had a Bulleit bourbon and homemade cola: nicely spiced and not too sweet. I’ll definitely be back.

PhotoWe had dinner at A Tavola on Tuesday (a full review will be coming soon since they’ve been open for a while and I’ve been there three times) and I have to tell you that the bacon tapenade bruschetta is flippin’ amazing, and their homemade ginger beer is quite tasty as well.

Lots of new stuff happening in OTR– it’s a great time to visit, if you haven’t yet!