Friday Five: Taste of Cincinnati

Yay, it’s Taste of Cincinnati time! There is so much food, I’m sure you’ll need a place to start, right? That’s what I’m here for. You can catch more of my picks during the Taste of Cincinnati chat at 11 AM today and I’ll be updating the blog over the weekend with things I’ve tried over the weekend.  So, here’s my top five picks for Taste of Cincinnati this year, based on a couple of things: portability (it can’t be hard to eat while walking and being jostled)

1. Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza– I like their pizza.  It’s thick and garlicky and just a little bit greasy.

2. The Bistro’s Duck Fat Fries– a big “duh” for me.  Easy to eat while walking, but if you try to steal one from me you’ll pull back a stump.  Love those things.

3.  Taz,  Falafel Sandwich– I love falafel sandwiches, and they’re easy to eat while walking.  Plus, Taz has some pretty good Mediterranean fare and though I go there for lunch, I don’t often try anything outside their gyros.

4. Habanero Adobo Chicken Taco– I love Habanero’s creative take on Mexican food, and tacos are perfect street food.

5. Bella Luna, bread pudding– you have to have something sweet, right?  I love bread pudding, and this is a favorite.

The complete list of dishes can be found here. What are you looking for at Taste this year?

9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Taste of Cincinnati”

  • Do you know format, time (different on Taste website vs. Cinti Enquirer post today), and wines being poured at wine taste-ing at Taste of Cinti Sat. and Sun.?

  • I just checked the list of food offerings at this year’s Taste. I finally admitted to myself that the event has gotten less and less interesting every year. Our fonder memories of the event were from the years when restaurants that we’d never visit because of cost and/or location brought us affordable and interesting offerings. That has slowly eroded over the years. Too many offerings of the same thing in more than one booth, especially this year– fried pickles, cream puffs, wings, pulled pork and pizza this year. We’re not even going…

    • I think it’s just hard for most restaurant folk to be truly creative in that setting. These events change over time, and now it’s a huge event, when it was once somewhat small. There are still some gems among the pizza (and all fried pickles are not created equal).

  • Please get over to Raya’s for a falafel and/or schawarma wrap. If you like it spicey ask her to make it that way.

  • Duck fat Fries– one of the great reasons to go.

    Although my child became the connoisseur of the grilled corn-on -the-cob booths. He can tell when he is being served sub-par corn.

    • After years of braces, corn-on-the-cob and I are not friends. I wish someone did the Mexican-style street corn, with lime, cayenne, butter, sour cream, cheese… yum.

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