Friday Five: Derby Drinks

Mint JulepsI love the derby. Horses, hats, and bourbon– all of my favorite things. So here are four cocktails to get you through the Derby this year.

Wait– did I say five? Number five is a special post that you’ll see in just an hour or so. Promise!

1. The Mint Julep— it can be really, really good if you avoid the green syrup (yuck) or pre-minted bourbon (double yuck). Just crush that ice!

2. The Derby Cocktail. It’s new up on booze me, schmooze me and a very nice switch for those of you who don’t want a drink that is so bourbon-forward. The lime and curacao makes this a really nice tipple.

3. The Bourbon Slush— my recipe is yummy, as is Michelle’s (hers is peachy, too!). It’s great for a crowd– you make it ahead and just add Sprite– but don’t put it in a punch bowl. People will drink it Sprite-less, I assure you.

4. Water.  Yeah.  If you’re drinking juleps and Bourbon Slushes, you’re going to need it. Hydrate often, my friends.

5. Stay tuned!