Cincinnati Fringe: Visual Fringe, “Yes You Can Eat It”

I love Fringe– I’m a theater person at heart, and it’s so fun to dedicate the majority of two weeks to a lot of really interesting theater and visual art. This year, Fringe is trying to take visual art out of the gallery and into the community, and one of those ways is to incorporate food. You eat with your eyes first, right?

Josh Campbell, who may just be one of the busiest guys in the Cincinnati food scene, will be presenting three, 30-minute programs on June 7, starting at 7 PM at 1410 Vine Street. Their press release describes the experience:  “You will experience food
as you never have before, with an inventive twist on the appearance, taste, and smell of many familiar foods, with the help of new styles and techniques for cooking.”  I’m really looking forward to how this works.  Tickets are $12, and Fringe passes are accepted as well.  For more information on the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, check out The Fringe Kickoff Party is tonight at Know Theatre on Jackson Street, starting at 7 PM.  $5 at the door.  See you around Fringe!