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Bits and Bites:Taste of Cincinnati 2011

So two days of Taste down, one left. We strolled down Fifth Street last night and sampled a few of the selections (we may be back later– we skipped dessert!):

1. Duck Fat Fries from The Bistro– yum.  They aren’t the same fries they use in the restaurant, but the coating is definitely the same.  A solid choice.

2. Keystone’s BB King Macaroni and cheese– good flavor, a bit dry.  It’s definitely better at the restaurant (and half price on Mondays!).

3. Habanero’s Fish Taco– I LOVE fish tacos, and this one had great flavor, and I loved the salsa verde and crema on it.  However, I didn’t like the shredded cheddar cheese that seemed to make up most of the taco.  No cheese would have made it perfect.

4. Krimmer’s Chicken Caesar pizza– surprisingly delicious.  Very garlicky, and the romaine on top was nice and crisp.

5. Fried Pickles from Laszlo’s– really good (and really hot from the fryer).  Could have used some sauce, but it’s nice that someone around here does fried pickle chips and not spears.

6. Eddie’s Barbecue ribs– nice, tart sauce and tender ribs.  We’ll need to check out this restaurant outside of Taste.

7. My very favorite dish of Taste?  Mac’s Chicago Gyro Pizza.  Wow!  They had been on the Enquirer Chat on Friday talking about how good it was, and I kind of ignored it. Then, I walked by and smelled it.  We had to have a piece– it was great!  Garlicky, with a nice dose of tzatziki.  By far my favorite, most unexpected dish of Taste. And it’s not on their regular menu, which makes me very sad.  Mac’s, fix this!

Our favorite part, though? McCormick and Schmick’s was selling local, draft beer for $3.  So when we were thirsty, we sat at the bar, soaked up air conditioning, and saved a little beer money.  Best decision of the night!

What were your favorite finds?