A Tavola Now Open

A Tavola, the much-anticipated pizzeria on Vine Street, is now open for business.  There are already reports on Twitter about drinks and such.  It was supposed to be a soft opening, but it seems like the word spread like wildfire on Twitter.

A Tavola features wood-fired pizzas, craft cocktails, and charcuterie from charcutier Billy Draznik (who, I hear, makes some mean prosciutto).  I’ll be interested in trying it in a few weeks once they’ve gotten the kinks worked out (but don’t be surprised if I preview it beforehand– I can’t resist wood-fired pizza).

The venture started as a monthly pizza happening at Take the Cake, but the event proved so popular that they decided to open a restaurant.  The location, 1220 Vine, is in the prime Gateway Quarter area.

13 thoughts on “A Tavola Now Open”

  • Why would anyone invest or live in that hellhole. Can’t wait to finally kill this trolley folly to nowhere in november

  • Billy uses Dean Family Farm Red Wattle Pork. I delivered a pork belly to him a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure it is delicious bacon now. I can’t wait to try them, Pizza is my favorite food!

  • You are all a bunch of racist assholes. Why don’t you leave decisions about downtown and OTR to people who actually utilize these areas. I live in Clifton and go downtown everyday of the week.

  • Please remove the first comment by whomever falsely purports to be “GoCOAST.” COAST respects and honors all 52 of Cincinnati’s neighborhoods. OTR is not a “hellhole,” and we would never refer to it as such. It’s a valued part of our local family.

    While we’re here we’d like to thank A Tavola. They had many choices as to where to locate their business, and we appreciate them choosing Cincinnati. Delicious food prepared by talented artists using quality ingredients is always a welcome addition to our city. We wish them much popularity, prosperity, and a long life.

    We’re happy to have spirited debates about politics and streetcars with all comers, but not on a restaurant blog. Coming “to the table” is about fellowship and sharing good food, and we look forward to enjoying a meal soon at A Tavola.

  • That’s some funny pr coast, whichever one you are, because I’ve heard your members say far worse about the city and the mayor

    I’ve also seen you post this drivel for the last 3 years in random cincinnati blogs. I respect your statement here but 3 years of vicious inflammatory insults on numerous blogs has made everyone skeptical

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