Where did you have Easter brunch?

For those of you that celebrate (or those of you that don’t but still like to eat out on Sundays), where did you head for brunch?

A quick spin through Facebook shows that Orchids, Via Vite, and Rookwood were all noted as “best brunch!” (with a varying amount of exclamation marks). We did Nada, which was much less crowded than I thought it would be.

Where did you go? What did you do? Or heck, what did you have at home?


(Brunch photo courtesy NickDawson on Flickr. Licensed under Commercial Commons)

16 thoughts on “Where did you have Easter brunch?”

  • This small local restaurant called, “Cracker Barrel.” It was quaint and quiet since everyone else was at church.

  • Orchids. If Jesus himself rose this morning, the first thing I would expect him to do is go get brunch and a cocktail at Orchids. I’m still suffering from a mild food coma five hours later. If you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to get there next Easter.

  • Easter Brunch was at home and turned into a collaborative venture. Our friend Kathy Doane brought a delicious cooked ham, our cousins brought two desserts — one of which turned out to be my birthday cake (walnut-banana cream cake….wonderful) and my Kimberly made wonderful roasted potatoes, a kale and mango salad, roasted vegetables (like an Italian peperonata including carrots and broccoli), crudites with two home-made dips and an incredible “coeur de la creme” dessert to die for. There was red and white wine, home-made limeade and coffee and chocolates after the meal.

  • Well, today I’m buying a Rolls Royce with the money I saved from not going to Trio’s or Orchid’s or Nada. I went to where no food snob dare go…Golden Corral, and I have no complaints or apologies.

  • We never go out for brunch on Easter but have brunch at my parents’ after mass. It was 2 egg casseroles, ham, mac and cheese, scrambled eggs, salad and pastries. Not as good as usual. Dessert was cake as we celebrated my son’s and niece’s bdays (my sons was actually on Easter.)

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