New Taco Bar in OTR (and thoughts on food)

Laura Baverman is reporting that Bakersfield will open in the old Metronation space on Vine Street, next to Lavomatic. A bar and grill that serves tacos with a country/honky tonk feel. It’s owned by the folks who started Currito and will open in October.

I’ll be interested to see pricing for this restaurant– there were some conversations on Twitter in the past couple of days talking about the changing OTR and the lack of truly affordable dining and general food options (including grocery) that appeal to the many, varied demographics of the neighborhood.  That’s a conversation that needs to occur– particularly when it comes to Kroger offering less expensive, healthier food (though their offerings have improved greatly since I moved to OTR in 2007) and Findlay Market expanding their hours.  In my block, we have folks that work odd shifts, 9-5ers, families, grandparents, people who have lots of income and those who live in section 8 housing.  No one should be excluded from the renaissance of OTR, and food options are one way to be inclusive.