Friday Five: Spring Treats

It’s springtime!  The temperatures are starting to warm (occasionally), the rain has let up (well, until this afternoon) and the flowering trees are starting to bud (oh, my allergies…).  Springtime means spring treats, and here are a few I love.  I grew up Catholic, but spent a lot of time in Jewish circles, so there’s probably a bit of a Catholic bent.  I accept non-denominational spring suggestions.

1. Queen City Cookies has upgraded their packaging.  Same great cookies, pretty, Victorian-inspired art.  Their items are very springy (lots of flowers and bunnies and such) and will definitely be a part of my springtime.  You can catch them at shops around town including Joseph Beth and the Nordstrom eBar.  They’re great for Easter baskets.

2. For those of you avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup (like I do), it’s the time of year to stock up on 2-liters of Kosher Coca Cola.  Passover starts next Friday, but it’s easy to find Kosher Coke through the end of Passover at Remke/Bigg’s on Highland (if you know of other locations, let me know).  It’s made with sugar, like the Mexican Coke in glass bottles, but is much less expensive.  Corn is considered kitniyot, or “little things”, and Ashkenazi Jews avoid it in addition to not eating leavening.

3. Fawn chocolate easter eggs. They’re really good– fresh flavors and creamy filling, in both dark and light chocolate.  I always liked the maple ones as a kid; you can get them at their Harrison Avenue (West side) and Rookwood (East Side) locations.

4. Ramps and rhubarb and other springtime vegetables.  I find mine at Madison’s at Findlay Market, but farmer’s markets across the area should be featuring the first of the spring harvest.

5. Easter brunch.  I’m hoping to get reservations at Orchid’s, but many other places have Easter brunch as well– Polly Campbell puts out a list each year (goodness, La Petite France’s crepes look amazing…).

What do you look forward to in the Spring?