Cirque du Soleil: Ovo

So every blog and its brother is writing about Cirque du Soleil’s dress rehearsal that a lot of us attended last night. You can read reviews of the performance from a couple of folks:

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And I’m sure there will be more– this is just as much as I’ve seen so far in my reader today.

You’re asking yourself, I’m sure, “Great. Julie got to go to a cool show. What the heck does that have to do with food?”

Two words, my friends: Tapis Rouge.

I took my mom. And if I hadn’t taken my mom, I would have seriously considered going back and taking her with Tapis Rouge access.  It’s essentially their VIP lounge in a tent (and if I hadn’t seen the tent, I’d just think I was in a swanky lounge.  They do amazing things with tents, these folks).  You’re greeted with champagne and lots of hors d’oeuvres that are really quite good.  Highlights include:

  • passed lobster and crab wontons
  • passed shrimp, scampi-style with a bloody mary sauce– you eat the shrimp and squirt the sauce in your mouth. Fun.
  • passed, individual, tiny mugs of butternut squash soup
  • passed spoons of tuna sashimi
  • sweet-and-sour chicken on a skewer wrapped in cotton candy. Really.  It sounds weird, but it works
  • brisket sandwiches with choice of sauce

Lots of food– lots– and lots of champagne flowing.  There was a dedicated gift shop (of course) and dedicated bathrooms and parking, too.  At intermission, more champagne was served, and lots of desserts– cupcakes, smoothies, a white chocolate fountain (with individual cups of molten chocolate, so no double-dipping liability) with fresh fruit– very fun.  You get premium seats as well.

The price, admittedly, is high– between $175-250 per person.  However, Mother’s Day is coming up, and who better to spend on than Mom (or the mother figure in your life)?  Mom loved it– she’d never been to a Cirque show before, and had never done anything resembling a VIP event.  She had a blast.  So, I suppose, this is wine me, dine me Mom approved– and next time Cirque comes to town, I’ll definitely splurge on Tapis tickets and take Mom again.  If you don’t want to splurge on Tapis tickets, they’re doing a special– a family of four for $107, which is a pretty good deal.

OVO runs April 21 through May 15 at Coney Island. Thank you to Cirque for providing Mom and me with the tickets.