Waterfront Under Water

Well, kind of.

I’m sure you’ve all read the news about the Waterfront breaking from (most) of its moorings and making a run for it on the swollen Ohio. Its cargo included lots of dry-aged steaks, a band, and Cris Collinsworth.

I know from talking with the GM of the Waterfront in the past that it’s expensive to maintain a floating restaurant– as expensive as it is to maintain one on-ground, a floating restaurant is much worse. Think about it: exposure to the elements, rusting, extra liability (what if a drunk person falls overboard?).  The Waterfront itself, though it had a standard Ruby’s menu (with an extra emphasis on seafood), had terribly dated decor– it felt like Crockett and Tubbs could walk in at any time– but the view of the city was spectacular.

So we know that floating restaurants are a slow Friday night news story waiting to happen (though how it could be that slow with all that’s going on in Japan is beyond me), but why aren’t there more restaurants with a city view that aren’t floating?   When I drive home from the airport, I usually take 471– it’s faster for me.  But if I’m feeling just a little bit homesick, I’ll take 75 and anticipate the sparkling skyline view from the cut in the hill.  When I’ve eaten at the Waterfront, I could overlook the terrible decor because I was so fascinated by the view.

Which restaurants have skyline views?  I was going to sit and think of them myself, but it turns out Metromix did the thinking for me (though I think they forgot Hooter’s and The Charthouse on that list).  Most of the restaurants are actually on the Cincinnati side– why so few on the Kentucky side (where the view is arguably better)?   Are many of the restaurants on the riverfront chains because of cost?  Do you even want to go to a restaurant that takes advantage of the Ohio River– on either shoreline?

(Photo courtesy Carrie Cochran, Cincinnati Enquirer).

10 thoughts on “Waterfront Under Water”

  • Unrelated – I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sometimes takes the long way home from the airport to catch the skyline after a long trip 🙂

  • The best view from the Summit is actually in the Presidential Dining Room which most diners don’t have access to. A couple more on the KY side are Don Pablo’s, Joe’s Crab Shack and Buckhead Mountain Grill. Buckhead’s deck is particularly nice (just wish the food was better).

    [Blatant plug time – You can actually eat in the Summit’s Presidential DIning Room this Thursday night if you attend the March Hoperatives Happening Beer Dinner that’s being held there. Go to http://www.hoperatives.com/?p=7128 for more information.]

  • The first thing I ever noticed when I walked into the Waterfront was how ugly it was and it had the old school Miami/Golden Girl vibe but the staff are always extraordinary, the food wonderful and the views were second to none in the city. I would hate to see if go for the simple fact that I have seen the same staff employed there for a while and they seem to really enjoy working there and would hate to see any of them lose their jobs. I could really go for a steak right about now…

    • As I was watching the drama unfold at Mr. Pitiful’s (the news cut into basketball for it– really), all I could think about was getting a steak.

  • “it felt like Crockett and Tubbs could walk in at any time”-That one made me do a full spit take! I think that a certain someone must have had a great time back in the 80’s, and The Waterfront is a reminder of those days for that person.

    Remember the days when dining on the river was really in? Restaurants like The Islands (which the Comisars owned) and the bars at the Covington Landing were really hopping back in the 80’s & early 90’s. But look what has become of Northern Kentucky riverfront dining today; Hooters and Beer Seller are all that’s left of that once great scene, besides the Waterfront. What do you think the odds are that Ruby will keep Waterfront open at this point? I think that it’s 50/50 at best, IMHO. Who knows, maybe Covington will find some incentive money or tax breaks for Ruby to keep Waterfront open.

  • One of the reasons the BF and I like going to The Chart House so much (besides the good food) is because they have a great view. Sure, it’s not full on front and center of the city, but it’s still pretty darn nice. The food and service are always excellent. I think there should be more great places to eat on the river (Kentucky-side), because you really do get the best view of the city from the opposite shore.

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