Luck of the Irish

I’m not Irish. I don’t do much for St. Patrick’s Day. No kegs and eggs for me. No green beer (because any beer I want to drink would look funny green). Maybe a pint of Guinness tonight (I have a bottle in my fridge), but I suppose I have no Irish spirit.

That’s not true– I have Irish spirits (ha. bad joke.)! Here are a couple of tipples in case you get bored with dyed Bud Light.  I know I would.

  • Irish coffee is a popular drink on St. Patrick’s Day, though its most famous incarnation isn’t directly from Ireland. It doesn’t involve Bailey’s, and don’t let your bottle of Creme de Menthe get anywhere near it. Make it the way they do at San Francisco’s Buena Vista: Tullamore Dew and lightly whipped cream.
  • If you just want something that’s green, head over to booze me, schmooze me and check out The Last Word and Bitter Truth Celery Bitters.  They’re both delicious– and very different.  And way better than green beer.