Friday Five: Springtime!

Ah, spring is here. I’ve thrown the windows open, I have daffodils on my mantel, and my chives are busting out all over. Must be spring! So here are five things I’m looking forward to doing this Spring:

1. Baseball, particularly with all of the new stuff going on at the Banks. I haven’t heard a lot of great stuff from Opening Night at the Holy Grail, but we’ll see. Opening on St. Patrick’s seems kind of crazy to me– I hope they work out the kinks.

2. Food trucks. I may even hit up Cafe de Wheels tonight.

3. Spring drinks. I made my first Spring cocktail last night. I sense lots of champagne and gin in my future.

4. Spring vegetables– ramps, English peas, rhubarb– they’re all springtime to me and I’m looking forward to buying them at Findlay Market.

5. Fresh herbs! Like I said, the chives are going crazy, but I want to plant a few others in the window boxes on my porch. I’m thinking mint, basil (though I’ll need to put it someplace less sunny than last year), thyme, rosemary (maybe a pot so it can grow into a huge bush) and tarragon. Any other suggestions?

How about you– what signals spring to you (at least, food-wise)?

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Springtime!”

  • I might suggest that if you want cilantro that you plant it separately. When I had a window box the cilantro choked everything else and killed it.

  • For the rosemary – I would suggest buying a bushy plant at Lowe’s – Home Depot or your garden center – the biggest one you can afford. Place it in an area that gets some sun and shade and don’t overwater it. Mine is happy on my deck with a few hours of sunlight a day. It is so good all summer long in recipes and drinks. throw a few sprigs on the chicken while grilling – on roasted potatoes. yum – can’t wait!

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