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Friday Five: Bockfest

So, I’m sitting in El Paso, really wishing I could fully participate in Bockfest this year. As it is, I won’t be flying in until the afternoon, but I’ll definitely try to have some fun. It’ll be hard not to! Bockfest is the oldest and largest Bock festival in the US, and it’s gotten bigger and better every year I’ve attended. So here are five things you shouldn’t miss at Bockfest this year.

1. The Bockfest Parade, the highlight (for me) of Bockfest. All kinds of random, slightly German-themed (and not so German-themed) people parading up Main Street, starting at Arnold’s and ending at Bockfest Hall. Highlights are the 2010 Sausage Queen leading the parade, local actress k. Jenny Jones often brings out her whip, and there’s usually a goat. Where else can you find that combination?

2. The beer. Bock beer packs a punch, but it has this great caramelly note that I just love. I usually only drink one because it’s so potent.

3. The blessing of the keg, performed by a local Franciscan priest and it involves skits and Renaissance costumes. I prefer my beer sanctified.

4. The Sausage Queen competition. I may be a bit partial since I’m emceeing it, but it’s so fun. You get people of all genders, sizes– whatever– competing for a rather silly honor, but it’s all in good fun. And you win food and money. That’s at 7 PM on Saturday.

5. Brewery Tours. I’m a history buff, so I love to learn more about.. well, everything. The brewery tours are stellar and really highlight the rich brewing history of Over the Rhine.

For more information on Bockfest and the things I’ve listed, head to Bockfest’s website.