What folks are doing on Valentine’s Day

Looking for some ideas besides my Friday Five? I posed the question on Twitter and Facebook and got some interesting answers:

@ChromeOrange Mostly wishing I wasn’t in the UK

@JoshOsbo celebrating my birthday! Thats one of the downsides of dating me: V-day is always about me!

@Mysticknyght going to a pub in Sunnyvale, CA, since, alas, I’ll be on the road 🙁

@KellyHudson Unpacking, probably. At least until we find the champagne glasses.

@JoshOsbo Depending on all sorts of stuff, i might take my fiancee to the Rookwood tomorrow. Good food, drinks, and close to us.

@LeBrilleSoleil avoiding it

@CincyEatsMeg White Castle, we have gone for at least the last 3 years. Possibly 4 years. We have found it is not the best day for us to get good service or a quality meal.

@The_Joey SUITING UP and giving people the stink-eye 🙂  (Followup, as I asked “Isn’t that every Monday?” @The_Joey Well, I may do something nice for someone, but aside from that, yes … I like my v-tines day uneventful or drunk.)

@ktjocook going 2 @virgilscafe with gift of @carriagehsfmcornmeal 4 polenta trial.

@GoMariaGo just laying low for v-day. We don’t really do anything to celebrate. Day after? Half price chocolate. 🙂

@puddintopia Carry out for us after the kids go to bed. We’ll watch something DVR’d or a DVD until my wife falls asleep#theglamorouslife

So what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?