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Senate to open New Restaurant Next to Current Location

Daniel Wright and the folks at Senate will be opening a new restaurant next door to their current location. It will be a Mediterranean wine bar with one of the first spaces in town that features wine on tap in a barrel system, which is just entering Ohio.  It’s currently available in San Francisco, Oregon and in Atlanta, but this will be the first in the Midwest.  Food will feature Mediterranean, Spanish, Morroccan and Lebanese flavors.  Says Daniel Wright, “I want to serve fun, really good, fresh food, similar to the food I cooked at Sook in Chicago.”  Sook, in Arabic, means market.  No word on what the name of this venture is– they want to keep it secret– but they’ll be posting clues on the window.  They’ll have some well-trained staff as well: 3 will be level 1 sommeliers.

They are currently under construction, and opening in late May, early June.  “It will be a very different look than Senate.  We want people to be blown away when they walk in.”

A Tavola Pizza, which will be next door to the unnamed wine bar, is targeting a Spring opening as well, adding two more restaurants to the growing scene in the Gateway Quarter.