Friday Five: Valentine’s Day Treats

The Better Half and I don’t really *do* Valentine’s Day. We’re curmudgeons.  We refuse to go out, so we usually stay in and cook. We don’t buy flowers or chocolates or jewelry or cards.   Too much pressure.

That’s okay. We know that 99% of folks actually DO celebrate Valentine’s, and I have a couple of local tips for you on how to woo your sweetheart.

1. Park + Vine’s “Green Love for Everyone”.  They’ve got some special Valentine’s merchandise, but the cool part is that  they’ve partnered with City Roots and Flying Pig Courier for eco-friendly delivery of sustainable flowers. They’re offering freedom roses with rosemary and sage filler (instead of baby’s breath or those darn ferns) Check out the details:

  • Prices: 3 roses with filler ($13), 6 roses with filler ($23), 12 roses with filler ($43)
  • Flying Pig Courier bicycle delivery $6 for downtown and Over-the-Rhine, and $8 for Clifton, Covington, Newport
  • Special orders for other flowers, plant selections available. Contact Lisa Yunker at 513-560-3543 or
  • This is basically a zero waste operation; all packaging is recyclable/biodegradable, and green waste gets composted; roses not treated with pesticides; and red rose = love; sage = longevity; rosemary = memory

2. Chocolats Latour’s habanero hearts.  I tried these at Yelp’s hot chocolate tasting and fell in love.  They’ll certainly add some spice to your love life (or just to your dessert).  I ended up selecting Hot Southern Nut for The Better Half.  He thought it was cute (but we’ll try it this weekend).  Chocolats Latour are available at Coffee Emporium, Park + Vine, Aquarius Star, Market Wines, Essencha, Picnic and Pantry and Paradise Found.

3. Queen City Cookies. See my post from yesterday, and buy ’em at Sidewinder, Nordstrom’s eBar, Picnic and Pantry, Nest and Joseph Beth.

4. Check out any one of the dining specials in Cincinnati on Monday.  Many restaurants are closed on Monday, so in order to draw folks in, they’ve got some great deals.  Check out Metromix’s List and make reservations early.

5. Think outside of the box.  Mondays aren’t the best days of the week to go out.  I mean, it’s a Monday, which is draining enough.  Why not find some sort of romantic activity to do without leaving the house?  Get your minds out of the gutter.  Why not bake something together, cook dinner together, listen to your favorite music and dance in the living room?  I know, I know, I advocate eating out and dining local.  So go to Findlay Market, pick up groceries on Sunday (when it’s not as crowded) and make a two-day event of it.  Make a pink cocktail or drink some champagne.

And single folks, I know that Valentine’s Day can totally suck.  I’ve been dumped, stood up on, and had someone die on Valentine’s.  Yuck.  So why don’t you do something for yourself?  Get a massage or a manicure, take yourself to a movie, get together with some friends and do something fun that celebrates you, and not the commercialism of a Hallmark holiday.