Friday Five: Favorite Places to Get a Beer

Beerfest was last weekend, and Bockfest is in two weeks, so I’ve been thinking: where are my favorite places in town to get a good, craft beer on draft? These are in no particular order.

1. Dilly Cafe, Mariemont. So many good things here– you can get great food, which is always a plus when you’re sampling beers. There’s Peanut, who gives great beer tips. They have revolving taps, fun stuff on cask, and you can take beer home. What’s not to love?

2. The Bistro, Downtown. I’d heard that their craft beer collection was diminishing, but rumors of their craft demise had been greatly exaggerated. Don’t get too addicted to anything they have, though– I went back a week after the meal I reviewed and the Smutty Nose beer I was craving was already gone.  They do half-price drafts on Mondays (which end up being around $3).

3. Rock Bottom, Downtown.  A chain, I know, but really good, locally-made, interesting beer.  Their food can be hit or miss, but The Better Half and I stop in quite often, particularly in the summer, for a beer on the walk home from Reds games.

4. The Comet, Northside.  I think a top five would be remiss without including the Comet, which has live music and lots of tapping events, and $3 drafts for happy hour.

5. Neon’s Unplugged (Over the Rhine).  They usually have Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, which is my favorite, and a selection of Moerlein beers.

For a list of even more places to get better beer in Cincinnati, check out the Hoperatives’ local resources page.