Never Said About Restaurant Websites

The Hoperatives sent me this link and I’ve been giggling over it every since. In all seriousness, there are good restaurant websites– and bad ones. My personal pet peeves:

  • PDF Menus
  • Flash (for two reasons: there are so many bad Flash websites, and I can’t see them on my iPhone or iPad)
  • Music

As you can imagine, I look  at a lot of restaurant websites.  I won’t point out individual websites locally, but many folks could take a note from the tumblr Never Said About Restaurant Websites.

The best websites?

  • Have days/hours of service
  • Have a menu of some sort, even if it says “menu changes daily”, just to give us an idea. No PDFs, nothing Flash-based.
  • Are updated regularly
  • Point to social media presences like Facebook or Twitter.  If your website just points me to Facebook, where you update things daily?  I am totally okay with this.
  • Have a mobile version (how often do you whip out a phone to figure out where you’re going to eat?)

Make it easy for your customers to find you, figure out what you serve, and when you’re open and it’s a win.

13 thoughts on “Never Said About Restaurant Websites”

  • I’m probably weird, but I actually like PDF menus (or having it as an option). They almost always have more white space and are easier to read. They also seem more likely to have prices, hours, and contact info right there, as they usually double as take-out menus. Which is why I have a folder on my desktop where I save our faves– so I don’t have to always look them up!

    But, I agree, Flash sites stink!

  • Boca’s has great pictures, but the menu hasn’t been changed since November, and it says the menu changes. Also Julie, one story that is not being talked about is why Richard Brown and former Chef de Cuisine Joe Garcia left. They were both very talented people.

  • Sorry for the double post, but Local 127 hasn’t changed there menu online since July. I mean really you are serving the same thing as you did 6 months ago Steven?

  • I totally agree about local 127, why not change your menu online, unless they didn’t change it in the restaurant, but then how can they be seasonal?
    BTW… People are going to be suprised about the cincy top 10 list for restaurants there are a few suprises Julie.

  • A website that lacks a menu drives me crazy; same with not having the hours. Though not a huge deal, it kind of irritates me when bars don’t list the times or prices for their happy hours. Also, it seems like a lot of places don’t list the price for their tasting menus.

  • I hate restaurant menus that don’t have prices listed. I understand they might change, but it really helps give an idea of how much a place is going to cost me. I always figure if they don’t have prices, it’s probably pretty expensive.

  • Simple is better. The restaurant website is a unique thing, totally different from other types of websites. The whole point is to get people to your restaurant. That’s it. Unless you find something for customers to pay you for from home, you need them in the restaurant.

  • This probably goes without saying but have the information on your website reasonably correct. I’ve gotten wrong addresses, gone to a place that should be open and wasn’t, and had the wrong phone number on a restaurant’s website.

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