Never Said About Restaurant Websites

The Hoperatives sent me this link and I’ve been giggling over it every since. In all seriousness, there are good restaurant websites– and bad ones. My personal pet peeves:

  • PDF Menus
  • Flash (for two reasons: there are so many bad Flash websites, and I can’t see them on my iPhone or iPad)
  • Music

As you can imagine, I look  at a lot of restaurant websites.  I won’t point out individual websites locally, but many folks could take a note from the tumblr Never Said About Restaurant Websites.

The best websites?

  • Have days/hours of service
  • Have a menu of some sort, even if it says “menu changes daily”, just to give us an idea. No PDFs, nothing Flash-based.
  • Are updated regularly
  • Point to social media presences like Facebook or Twitter.  If your website just points me to Facebook, where you update things daily?  I am totally okay with this.
  • Have a mobile version (how often do you whip out a phone to figure out where you’re going to eat?)

Make it easy for your customers to find you, figure out what you serve, and when you’re open and it’s a win.