Mt. Adams Fish House closed

The front door of the Mt. Adams Fish House has a sign: closed. It was owned by the same folks who own Apsara (now closed), the Celestial and Teak Thai (right across the street).

There is a rumor that a Mexican restaurant will go in to replace it. Any insight on this, intrepid readers?

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  • Chanaka Delanerolle, the owner of The Fish House, Teak & The Celestial, is in real trouble. He seriously overextended himself with Aspara (as well as with his brief venture in the Mt Adams bar scene). I don’t know why he ever opened Aspara, that building is in a horrible location traffic-wise, there’s far too much competition in the burbs (particularly in that part of the burbs), every business to open in that location has failed, and the place is WAY too large (you can seat 100+ people in the building and it still looks practically empty). Chanaka must have put a personal guarantee on the Aspara operation, and now he’s in a financial free-fall as a result; he’s desperately trying to sell The Celestial, despite the fact that business is very, very good there. In fact Michael Comisar tried to buy The Celestial from Chanaka a few weeks ago, but Michael had a falling out with some of his investors at the last minute. That’s very unfortunate, because Michael would have run a great operation at the Celestial, he would have taken that restaurant from very good to excellent. In fact, had Michael been the family member running the Maisonette it might still be open today (that goes double for La Normandie, which I really miss). I’m really hoping that Michael gives it another try and buys the place. If you’re reading this Michael, we’re pulling for you!

    As for Chanaka, I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Maybe dropping The Fish House will allow him to keep his two profitable restaurants (Celestial & Teak) open, and it will give him some breathing room to recover financially. Here’s hoping anyway.

  • The fish house is going to be the new dueling piano bar – formerly Fat Cats, formerly Game Day. The owners bought Fish House and are moving the piano bar up there.

  • my fav:
    Grilled center cut, bluefin tuna, served rare over a sweet teriyaki mushroom Tiger Shrimp sauce. wish I could have the recipe for this sauce!

  • Going to miss the best sushi in Cincinnati. Drove up to Mt Adams a couple weeks ago and was very disappointed to find the Fish House closed. Visited Teak instead and the sushi just isn’t the same (anyone have an idea where the sushi chef from the Fish House may have landed?)…

    Talked to the GM while at Teak, and they indicated that the closing was tied to Apsara as stated above, but that Teak wasn’t going anywhere. Whether or not that will involve a change of ownership I didn’t ask…

  • The owner of Monks Cove purchased Fish House and the adjoing apartments next door. Word in Mt. Adams (I live up here) is that he plans on tearing down the apartments and putting a patio in its place.

    • The Hamilton County Auditor’s website shows that the Fish House property was sold on 1/3/2011 to “GMT ENTERPRISES LLC”. GMT Enterprises LLC is registered to Thomas C Nurre, who is a semi-retired Hamilton County judge. Nurre also bought the adjacent properties at 942 & 944 Pavilion from Chanaka , so it sounds like Gary is right on.

      Hopefully this cash infusion will put Chanakan back on a firm footing again, and he can start rebuilding his restaurant empire. It’s been a tough economy for the restaurant trade in general, and now that everybody and his brother serves sushi (a few do so better than most) it had to be a tough market for the Fish House. Here’s to better things to come in 2011.

    • Watson Brothers did great business there for years, but it’s tough to stay open when you don’t pay your taxes. As far as Apsara, everyone I know who went there were underwhelmed. The location isn’t a problem. Look across the street to BW3.

      • Comparing a fast-food joint like BW3 to a fine dining restaurant is kind of apple and oranges, no? And Watson Bros did do good business at first, when their concept was unique new and fresh, but their volme did go downhill later.

  • Watson Brothers, suffered from a great buzz/poor execution. At first it was pretty good and desending into mah. The patio idea was great and really sorry to see it gone. Aspara was over priced IMO and lack anything special to justify it.

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