Friday Five: New Year’s Resolutions

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Here are mine– related to the blog, anyway.

1. Keep working on photography. You won’t see me breaking out my DSLR at a romantic dinner, but I’m finding photography to be really enjoyable. I doubt I’ll ever photograph everything I do– I think the experience would be diluted by doing so– but I had so much fun with the camera on our trip that I miss it right now (it’s back home).

2. Find healthful restaurant options on every menu– mostly selfishly, but I know that health (and obesity) is an issue.

3. Make it out of downtown once in a while. It’s so wonderful to not have to get in the car on the weekend, but there are some gems that are a quick drive away. Plus, you folks have been asking for it.

4. Work more on booze me, schmooze me. I have so much fun with it.

5. Cook more (but I probably won’t blog about it).

What are your resolutions?