Friday Five: Favorite Sandwiches

For our purposes here, a sandwich could also include something in a wrap instead of bread, but not a bun (as in: no hamburgers).

1. Virgil’s Pastrami sandwich (Bellevue). I haven’t written about Virgil’s yet (I went there several months ago) because I lost all of my pictures. I’ll go back sometime soon, but this sandwich is just amazing– house-made pastrami, house-made sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and swiss. Awesome.

2. Tom + Chee (Downtown), Roasted Chicken Chee (pictured, left). A grilled cheese made with gouda, roasted chicken, and chipotle slaw. Simple but oh-so- good. A close second is their Bacon Barbecue Chee, with bacon, cheddar, and barbecue Grippo’s.

3. The Cricket Lounge (Downtown), Quesadilla.  The best quesadilla you will ever eat.  Maybe not technically a sandwich, but bread + stuff… sandwich.  Anyway, they braise their chicken in an adobo-based sauce and it is absolutely out of this world.  You know, for a quesadilla.  And, for $5 at happy hour? Best deal in town.

4. Grilled Cheese at Wildflower (Mason).  It’s huge.  It’s hard to eat.  But the great bread, variety of cheeses, crispy cheesy edges (my favorite part) and sundried tomatoes is different– and a winner.

5. The Rachel, Melt Eclectic Deli.  3 of the five sandwiches have some sort of slaw or kraut on them. Oops.  I guess it’s a favorite combo.  The rachel is turkey, cheese, and apple/cabbage kraut.  I need to try more of their sandwiches, but I get stuck on the Rachel.

The Better Half’s favorite: an Everything bagel with whitefish salad from Marx Bagels (Blue Ash).

What is your favorite sandwich (non-burger) in Cincinnati?