Friday Five: Barbecue

DSC_0264The Better Half and I love barbecue. The Better Half, being from Alabama, might have barbecue sauce in his veins– and he’s quite particular. Here are, in sort of a particular order, our five favorite barbecue joints in Cincinnati (that we’ve tried).

1. SmoQ (Fairfield)– look for a review next week, but the preview is that Kansas City-style rib pictured on the left. Hands down, best we’ve had in the city. Really.
2. Walt’s (Mt. Healthy) for their ribs alone, and their sweet potato casserole
3. Pit to Plate (Mt. Healthy) for their pulled pork, ribs, variety of sauces and sentimental value (we got engaged there. Really.)

4. Landen Smokehouse (Mason), which is the least written about barbecue joint in Cincinnati that deserves more press.  Huge smoker out back, great pulled pork.  They could work on their sides–  but the pork is great.  Closed! That’s what I get for being out of town for a couple of months.  I think I would substitute Goodie’s (College Hill) for Landen.  They have excellent rib tips and fried okra; it’s a little different than what you’d get at the other places I’ve mentioned.

5. Jim Dandy’s (Sharonville), for their focus on the meat that is so moist and flavorful it barely needs a sauce.

A little later today, look for a barbecue review on a little-known Westside barbecue joint.  It didn’t quite make the top five, but it’s a good choice if you’re driving down U.S. 50.

So what’s on your barbecue list?  Sadly, you can’t convince me that BBQ Revue is the best (trust me, Shannan has tried!) but what are some others I might be missing?