Crosstown Shootout Blowout

(Guest post by The Better Half, formerly “The Boyfriend” and, briefly, “The Fiance”)

As in most cities, we Cincinnatians have our ups and downs with regard to sports.  All but the most die-hard fans lost interest in the Bengals by mid-season this year.  The Reds certainly gave us something to cheer about last season (and we hope for more of the same this year), but baseball has a 162-game season during which it’s hard to remain glued to the league standings for months at a time.

But there’s one event that never fails to set the city abuzz year after year:  The Skyline Chili Crosstown Shootout.  For anyone outside the Tristate (or anyone living under a rock inside the Tristate), that’s the annual basketball game between the University of Cincinnati Bearcats and the Musketeers of Xavier University.

Tickets are hard to come by.  Team records don’t matter.  The day after the game, a friend of mine was ticked at his wife for dragging him to the grocery store just before tip-off, causing him to miss most of the first half.  The faculty at the school where I teach, many of whom are either XU or UC grads, were sporting the appropriate colors on the day of the game.

Two days before the game, Skyline Chili held its annual VIP party at the downtown Skyline (corner of 4th & Sycamore).  About two hundred invited guests and media representatives attended the event.  Julie, who holds degrees from both schools, sent me to cover the event…I suspect she did this either (1) to erase any appearance of bias on her part or (2) because she knows how much I love Skyline.

In either case, a fun and festive evening was in store for all in attendance.  Dave Lapham emceed the event.  UC coach Mick Cronin and XU coach Chris Mack were in attendance to answer questions from attendees.  Several drawings for game memorabilia and Skyline gift certificates were held.  The event also featured a contest between UC and XU cheerleaders to see which side had the better Skyline Crosstown Shootout cheer.

Photos from the event…