Nada Open for Sunday Brunch

About a month ago, Nada did a one-month-only brunch, and due to public demand, they’re continuing it– permanently.

Nada, known primarily for its tacos, margaritas, and hip downtown atmosphere, is now opening for brunch– a great move, considering the matinees happening next door at the Aronoff Center. Their brunch focuses on Mexican-inspired items, like eggs benedicto (crab, chili-buttered English muffin, and guajillo hollandaise) and huevos rancheros, as well as some new cocktails. Falk said he “wanted to do a brunch unlike anything in Cincinnati”.

Currently, there isn’t a ton of brunch downtown in a convenient radius of the Aronoff Center or the stadia, which drive a lot of Sunday traffic– First Watch, a few hotels, Taqueria Mercado, and now Nada.   They’ll be open at 10 AM for all of your brunch (and brunch cocktail) needs.