Mini-Review: Banana Leaf

I’m going to call this a mini-review because I had lunch here with a coworker and we both got the same thing, so not really a big, comprehensive review, but a review all the same.

Do you remember Chokolat Morel? I actually went to a tasting for the Enquirer there in 2003 with Chuck Martin (remember him? Whatever happened to him? I hear he’s moved to the Carolinas somewhere.  Great writer.).  It was a tea house in between, but recently re-opened as Banana Leaf, a modern Thai restaurant.  I kept saying that I needed to go there, but generally when I was in that part of Mason, I was heading to Wildflower and was blinded by the hamburger in my future.

I ended up going with a coworker last week.  We both really loved the interior– as it was formerly a house, it was cozy and warm, painted in rich colors with a modern feel (hence the name).  Service was polite and prompt– something that is appreciated at lunchtime.  We each got the same thing, pad thai, though his was without egg due to an allergy.  I’m always happy when my friends with allergies are treated well– the answer was “no problem”, and both dishes came out about ten minutes later (mine with egg, his without).  It was really quite good– we each ordered about a 4 on the spiciness scale, and it was warm but not blistering.  The flavors were good, and we both noticed that it seemed a bit heavier on the fish sauce than other Pad Thai we’ve had, and also less sweet– neither of which is a bad thing.  I’m looking forward to trying a few other dishes in the near future, and am glad to add Banana Leaf to my lunch rotation.

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