Gift Idea: Drinks by the Dram

I get a lot of liquor pitches these days, and am slowly amassing products that I need to review (mostly on booze me, schmooze me– you’ll see an uptick there in the next few weeks).  I got this pitch and it was almost as if the PR person read my mind:

“We’d like to offer you the chance to review a couple of malts from our new whisky sample service, Drinks by the Dram with our compliments.”

This is a company from the UK that specializes in malts, or what we might call Scotch whisky here in the states.  Why had she read my mind?  Well, I’ve only just begun to really get into Scotch.  It’s always been too peaty, or too smoky, or too dirty, or too SOMETHING for me to like it.  That was until Tales of the Cocktail, when I experienced Glenfiddich 15 for the first time and… really liked it.  Then, I had a cocktail made from Islay Scotch (which is very peaty), but made like an old fashioned and smoked.  Absolutely amazing.  THEN, I travel to San Francisco and drink a Laphroaig Project (Laphroaig, Chartreuse, and a few other things) and I’m hooked, but I’m still somewhat convinced that I won’t like Scotch, and thus haven’t invested in a full bottle.

I swear this program was made for me.  You get to choose 30 milliliter samples–about an ounce– just enough to get a good idea of whether or not you like the product.  Then, if the Scotch is available locally, you can pop over to your favorite liquor store and buy it, or since Drinks by the Dram is out of the UK, you can get a lot of exclusive Scotches that you can’t get easily in the US.  They’ll ship in time for the Holidays as long as you order by the 15th; or you could get a gift certificate for that Scotch lover in your life.

They provided me with five samples, several of which I can’t pronounce.  I’ll follow up with some tasting notes the week of Christmas.


Tyrconnell 10 Year Old, Sherry Cask Finish

Elradour 1998 Sassicaia, Straight from the Cask

Rosebank 19 Year 1990, Old Malkt Cask (Douglas Laing)

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Clynlish 13 Year Old 1995, Cask Strength

I haven’t gotten around to trying them quite yet, but I thought this was such a great gift idea that I’m posting about it.  And no, I have no financial interest in promoting this, I just think it’s a great idea to try whiskies (hey, local companies, could one of you start doing this too?).