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Friday Five: Places to buy Wine (and spirits!) for the Holidays

One of the easiest, and most appreciated, gifts around the holidays is a gift of wine or spirits. Whether it’s for your boss, your mother-in-law, or as a hostess gift, wine and spirits are a great gift. First, they’re something that can be consumed, so they (generally) won’t gather dust around the house like that trinket you’re considering buying. Second, any party is improved by wine or cocktails. Fact. Don’t even try to argue. And third, it’s a lot of fun to try new things you might not have normally bought yourself. So, here are my five favorite places (in no particular order) to get into the holiday spirit(s).

1. Dilly Cafe and Wine Store (Mariemont). Chuck and his staff will help you pick out a bottle to bring home, or a bottle for the table. They also have an excellent craft beer selection for the craft beer lover in your life. It helps that you can get something to eat while you’re there.

2. The Party Source (Bellevue). It might be a bit overwhelming at times, but the folks there are all incredibly helpful. You can buy harder-to-find spirits as well as wine and beer, or pick up a growler for a get-together.  Check out their Scotch selection.

3. Hyde Park Gourmet Food and Wine (Hyde Park). A great place to pick up some chocolate or cheese to go along with a bottle of wine. It’s a tiny store, but it’s chock-full of awesome finds.  They have an excellent dessert wine selection (and desserts to go with them).

4. Piazza Discepoli, multiple locations: The best thing about this place is that they have wine clubs, which allow you to pick up a selection of wine every month. That’s a great gift for any oenophile.

5. Party Town (Florence):  18 taps of craft beer, plus a great wine and spirits selection.  What’s not to like?

And a sixth, because I like them too, Cork and Bottle (Buttermilk Pike and Covington), because they have an excellent bourbon selection, many of which are special to the Cork and Bottle store.