Bonne Fete from Brussels!

Okay, actually, we’re in Paris, but we left Brussels yesterday. Things we learned:

  • Brussels, and indeed most of Western Europe, doesn’t get much snow.  When we landed, CDG was in the midst of canceling flights (and would shortly evacuate) and our train to Brussels was fairly severely delayed.  Getting around in Brussels was challenging at times, as there were few cars on the road (thus no taxis) and the buses were out of commission.
  • Brussels is, as many have said, more about ambiance than anything else.
  • The one thing it’s more about is beer.  I drank my weight in kriek (cherry lambic) and Terry drank his in various forms of local blonde beers.
  • We also ate our weight in moules mariniere. Fabulous, plump, delicious mussels that I wish we could get in Cincinnati.
  • I like any city that has a baby peeing as its mascot.
  • And the Christmas Markets demand their own post.

I hope you folks are having a great end of the year.  What are you doing for New Year’s?