An Open Letter to Via Vite (or, Review: Via Vite’s Sunday Brunch)

Dear Chef Pietoso and the staff of Via Vite:

photo.JPGA group of my friends and I attempt to have brunch every other month.  We’ve managed to do it, oh, annually.  We looked for a brunch spot downtown, initially inclined towards Nada (which was closed for an event), but when we discovered Via Vite had brunch, there was no question that we had to try it.  Pretty view of the square, great dinner– sounded perfect.  When we walked into brunch on Sunday, we had no idea it would be so… empty. When our (absolutely lovely) server said, “Oh, we’re thinking of stopping brunch. This could be the last weekend,” we all looked at each other. Not a single one of us knew that Via Vite had brunch.

*I* had no idea you had brunch.

You gotta get on that advertising, Cristian.

photo.JPGThis brunch is one of the best in town, and I say this without reservation. $15 for two courses, and between the six of us, I think we tried everything. Amy was over the moon with her crepes fiorentina, covered in bechamel and crispy on the edges from being tucked under the broiler. You accomodated Monika’s vegetarianism with a spinach-and-brie bagel. I though Shannan would lick the bowl of her roasted yellow pepper soup, Carla was impressed by her prosciutto, fontina and truffled artichoke heart foccacia and both Michelle and I were in heaven with our scrambled eggs with spinach and big slices of black truffle.  My starter was a surprisingly good caprese salad, with tomatoes that were quite a bit more delicious than I expected, considering it’s December (as promised by our still-lovely server).

photo.JPGAnd since it was a “girl’s brunch out”, we made sure to order mimosas and dessert. Your nutella-covered Taste from Belgium waffles were a huge hit, and I loved my risotto rice pudding, dotted with crushed pistachios, that reminded me of a refined version of my grandmother’s rice pudding.  The entire experience was incredible.

So, please, can you rethink closing up shop on the second Sunday of the month?  Maybe advertise a little more?  I know I’ll do my part in telling folks.  You do your part by keeping the scrambled eggs with truffle on the menu.


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